What can we do for you?

August 11,2023

Purchasing, perhaps you often encounter some problems? Faced with the problem, we will provide you with what kind of solution, as follows:

1. How can product quality be guaranteed?
Product quality is rooted in the supplier. Before ordering, we will compare Amazon, Ali and other websites on a certain product, the best trend of each supplier, understand the product attributes, and help customers find products with guaranteed quality, favorable price and cost-effective;

2. How do I know the logistics information of my goods?
For logistics information, from the beginning of the packaging of goods to the end of the customer's receipt of products, our salesmen will always follow up. From packaging products, and then to the warehouse on the way, we will take real pictures and videos to feedback product information to you, including product quantity, product packaging, product quality; The logistics information of the goods after boarding the ship, you can learn the truth with the salesman on social media at any time later, we will answer for you one by one;

3. How to solve product damage?
Before shipment, we will try our best to ensure the quality of each product; For example, electrical appliances we will help you to check the voltage problem, accessories we will help you to clear the quantity, cosmetics and babies will confirm the composition with the business, etc., but occasionally some product damage occurs in the transit of goods, for this situation, in addition to man-made damage, we will bear the responsibility, the specific plan can negotiate with the salesman.

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